Frequently Asked Questions

What is a translate plugin? And how can I get one?

The translate plugin can help you to translate string resources inside an apk. APK Editor itself does not provide translate plugin but provides interfaces for others to develop such plugins. Here is an example: This case demonstrates how to do auto translation based on an online translator.

Why my successfully modified APK doesn’t work?

The bug of the APK Editor must be the reason as editing apps can’t result in 100% accuracy. Also, the app must have restrictions set by the developer to prevent modifications on the app.

Why doesn’t modified app show Google maps?

You can use your own Google Maps API key for the app to work.

Why can’t I find the string which displayed in the app?

Only a specific problem can’t be the problem, e.g., it might be inside the smali code, dynamically generated or encrypted.

Where can I find more information about its utilization?

You can find a lot of videos on Youtube about the APK Editor app.

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