What is a Seedbox and Why Do You Need One?

In the last decade, BitTorrent has completed changed the way we share files and media with our friends, family, and even strangers. However, it is not a private technology so anyone who accesses your files or is on the same network can know your identity and what you seem to be downloading.

Now, who wants that?

Of course, no one wants their data being collected by random strangers and then be used later to potentially harm them. This is why a lot of people started using a good VPN service to torrent anonymously.

But did you know that there is actually another option to choose for private torrenting? Yes, that’s right! And this method is even better than a VPN service in most cases.

This method of private torrenting doesn’t just protect your privacy but even improves your torrenting speed so you can enjoy quick downloads. Well, that is what a seedbox does!

What is a Seedbox?

A lot of you might be hearing about seedbox for the first time and wondering what is this and how does this works.

In BitTorrent, there is a term ‘seed’ that is used to describe any user that has a complete copy of a file and shares access to that file with other users in the network.

If you share more files then you are a generous seeder and torrent trackers offer you a higher bandwidth, allowing you to download the files quickly.

Now, it might sound easy to share files and get a faster download speed but it is not, especially from a home connection. It not only takes up a lot of your upload bandwidth but even makes you vulnerable to attackers. That’s not all, you end up being leeched a lot too as most users on the public trackers simply download their desired file and then leave the network.

To tackle this problem, a Seedbox is used.

A seedbox is basically a remote server located at a high-speed data center that provides you with a public IP address to use while uploading or downloading files using torrents. And these remote servers offer high speed that ranges between 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps.

So, if you have access to a seedbox, you can download the files anonymously to your computer. In this article, we will explore more uses of seedboxes and why you need a seedbox. High Speed seedboxes can be bought for as low as $20, a small price to pay for safety.

How to Use a Seedbox

Although seedboxes were primarily created for fast torrenting, now they can be used for other things as well. You just need to make a few modifications to your seedbox and you can use it for more than just torrenting files.

Here are a few top uses of a Seedbox:

Torrent Downloading

As mentioned above, the most common use of a seedbox is torrenting. You will find that all seedboxes have a torrent client (it could have multiple torrent clients too) along with a web user interface. And you can log in to this web user interface through any browser to access your seedbox remotely.

In this interface, you have the ability to download the torrent files or URLs. Once you do that, the downloading of the file and seeding will start instantly, remotely so that your private IP address stays private and secure.

After the torrent gets downloaded on your Seedbox, it stays on the Seedbox as long as you want and you can download it to your local desktop whenever you want.

You can download the files hosted on your Seedbox via FTP or SFTP connections using an FTP client. A few Seedbox service providers even offer you the HTTP file browser option that allows you to download the files using a web browser.

Run Your Applications Remotely

Apart from using your Seedbox for torrenting, you can even set it up in such a way that you get remote access via a Virtual Network Computing connection.

This will allow you to access and manage your apps remotely on any device. This is a great way to download Youtube files on your mobile phone, access your Dropbox and OneDrive accounts anonymously, and even transcode FLAC files to MP3 files from your phone.

You will need to follow the below steps to run the applications remotely:

  1. First, install a VNC on your seedbox and the VNC software on your desired device from where you wish to access the seedbox. Make sure you download the VNC software on your device that supports your seedbox type.
  2. Next, you need your SSH connection details and then enter these details into an SSH program such as Putty and click on the ‘Open’ button. You will then be prompted to create a password for remote access.
  3. Now, you need to run a vnc-restart command and enter your recently created password and enter the display resolution you want.
  4. Finally, open your VNC software on your device and connect to your seedbox server using the username, port number, and password. On your desktop, there would be a home folder that will contain all the files that you wish to view.

Easy and Convenient Media Streaming

One of the best ways to use your Seedbox is by converting it into a Media center by integrating Plex Media Server to it. This way, you will be able to stream directly your entire media library including music files, movies, and TV shows. So, you don’t need to download them and can simply watch them using your seedbox.

And the best thing is that a lot of seedbox providers offer Plex integrations on their servers so, you don’t need to get it separately. These Plex seedbox servers can be slightly expensive so, a lot of people choose to do it manually. Here is how you can integrate Plex Media Server to your seedbox manually:

  1. Set up a Plex.tv account on their official website.
  2. Next, go to the web user interface of your seedbox and go to the installable apps list. Find the Plex Media Server app here and install it by clicking on it.
  3. You will see a popup with a generated code for your Plex Media Server installation. Use this code to connect the app to your Plex.tv account.
  4. Once the installation is completed, open the Plex Media Server app and then log in using your Plex.tv account credentials.

Once it is ready, you will also need an SSH tunnel to watch the files locally.

Note: Make sure that you keep your media files in the correct Plex folder so that they can get read properly. For this, you can make use of the ruTorrent client or an FTP client.

Creating Your Personal Game Server

Another great way to use your Seedbox is to make it your personal gaming server and download games that you wish to play, remotely and privately. For this, you will need to get a dedicated seedbox with root SSH access. This is important because, without this, you won’t be able to set up your server and install all the needed data and files.

Also, make sure that you check your seedbox providers’ policies before selecting a seedbox plan as sometimes they don’t allow you to host game servers. Usually, a seedbox provider might not allow this hosting because it takes a lot of resources and results in increased DDoS attacks.

There is another thing that you would need to check before you make the seedbox your game server. You will need to ensure that your seedbox server is strong enough to manage the system requirements for your selected game. This is usually why it is a good choice to get a dedicated seedbox as you don’t have to share the computing resources with someone else.

Hosting your Own Voice Server

Finally, you also have the option of using your seedbox to install your own chat server or a voice server like TeamSpeak. Since you will use TeamSpeak on a fast server, the chances of overloading reduce considerably as there will be plenty of bandwidth for all the users that connect.

To host your voice server, you will also need root access in your seedbox so that you are able to host the TeamSpeak server files on it. But before that, make sure that you check with your seedbox provider about the right criteria for hosting TeamSpeak. A server software can only have one unregistered instance for a server. So, if you use a shared seedbox or VPS with SSH root access, then there is a possibility that another user on your server is already using it.

So, you will need to get a dedicated seedbox server or get a TeamSpeak license so that you can use it on a shared seedbox.

Why Do You Need a Seedbox?

While there are several uses for a seedbox, you might still not be convinced if you really need it to torrent, share files, or even stream media.

However, there are still many reasons why owning a seedbox could be good for you, especially since you can always get one in your budget to suit your requirements. Here are a few key reasons why owning a seedbox could turn out to be awesome!

Privacy and Safety

As I explained earlier, using BitTorrent from your local computer without a VPN allows anyone to see what you are up to. With the help of a seedbox, you can access the files remotely and don’t have to worry about receiving notices to stop torrenting. You have a remote computer doing all the work for you by torrenting on your behalf and you can simply sit back and relax.

And since you aren’t directly connected to the seedbox, it becomes almost impossible for you to be tracked. And similar to VPNs, a seedbox also doesn’t record your activities and has no information on what you are storing in it so you can anonymously browse the Web.

Plus, if they offer you the option of paying via bitcoins or a prepaid card with VPN then no one can track the seedbox to you anyway. And with the help of FTP and SFTP, you can ensure a secure and private connection to the seedbox for downloading the files to your local desktop.

High-Speed Downloading

Another great reason why getting a seedbox is a good idea is that they offer you an amazingly high speed for downloading and uploading files. Since the seedboxes are located in data centers with amazing Internet speed so you can Internet connections that range between 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps.

With 10Gbps speed, the only thing that will slow down the download speed is the writing speed of the disk. However, a few seedbox providers offer a solution to that problem as well in the form of SSD seedboxes so that you can enjoy great speed.

What does even mean though?

Basically, you can download a full HD film in just 2 minutes or a full TV series in less than 1 minute with 150 Mbps.

So, if you struggle to download large files and have to wait for hours for it to complete then a seedbox is the perfect answer to your problem. One thing to remember is that if you want to download the file to your local system then you would be using your standard home Internet connection only. However, it will download at the maximum speed and your ISP won’t screw up your bandwidth.

Overcoming ISPs

Let’s be real, ISPs can be really annoying when you are using their Internet service. They can curb your Internet speed if they think you are using too much of your bandwidth to download torrent files. But with a seedbox you don’t have to worry about this as it doesn’t use your ISP for torrenting.

Also, your ISP can even block the BitTorrent ports sometimes to stop you from torrenting but you won’t face such an issue with a seedbox. And when later, you download the files to your local desktop using FTP or SFTP, your ISP cannot see what is being downloaded and doesn’t restrict your speed.

Upload Download Ratio

An important thing to remember is that most seedbox providers don’t allow you to use public trackers since these are usually accessed and monitored by agencies that fine torrent users. But one of the major problems with a private tracker is that it is very hard to maintain your upload to download ratio.

However, with the help of a seedbox, you don’t have to worry about managing your ratio. You will get access to a large hard drive with the seedbox that is always on. So, when you download files on the private tracker, you can leave this hard drive on to upload the files and maintain your ratio. And the best thing is that you don’t have to do a thing and don’t have to sacrifice your upload bandwidth as well since it is all remotely done.

So, if you want to maintain a good torrent ratio for quicker downloads then owning a seedbox is the best way to do that.


One of the major advantages of using a seedbox is that it is extremely convenient to use as you don’t have to always be on your computer to access it. A seedbox is a remote computer that is hosted on cloud so you can easily access it from any device with an Internet connection.

So, you can even use your mobile phone to load the torrent links so that they can get downloaded on your seedbox while you are away. This way, you don’t end up slowing the Internet speed also and disrupt your family or roommate’s downloads.

And then later, when you get back home, you can download the file from the seedbox to your local PC. A lot of seedboxes also offer a web user interface with several tools that make torrenting and file managing very convenient for you. If you want a simpler and easier way to download torrent files then you definitely should get a seedbox.

Better Way to Share Files

Did you know that torrents are not only used for downloading but are quite efficient in sharing files too?

For example, you have a website whose files you wish to share with others but normal hosting is too slow or expensive for your purpose. Then, you can use a seedbox to make your files available through torrent. This works for both small and large audiences.

If there are many people who wish to view the files then BitTorrent will distribute it while managing the bandwidth of your seedbox. Plus, if you hit the bandwidth limit then you can always get it extended by paying a bit more.

Save Your Bandwidth

We all know that torrenting takes a significant part of your bandwidth and can really degrade your overall experience. So, you usually have the option of using the maximum connection to download the torrent file and suffer a slow Internet connection for other things or a slow torrent download.

Both are not viable options and this is where a seedbox comes handy. It can download the torrent file for you and you can enjoy your home network bandwidth to surf the Internet at the original speed.

More Efficient than a VPN

Finally, a lot of times it is just not feasible to use a VPN to download torrent files. This usually occurs if your ISP is blocking your Internet connection or if your speed is too slow. In such cases, a seedbox is a good alternative for torrents while ensuring your privacy and good speed.

You know VPNs are good for torrenting but seedboxes a tad bit better so it might be a good idea to invest in one.

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